Thursday, April 28, 2005


Ripley Desert Woodland

Originally uploaded by PaulT27.
Last summer we went to California for a week. Check out the photo of us at Ripley Desert Woodland.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Welcome to Antelope Valley Information Blog

Hi, my name is Paul. On May 5, 2005 I will be moving to Lancaster, California. I use to live in Agawam, MA so this will be an exciting move. My girlfriend, Becky, is already out there. This is going to be a new area of the country for us to explore. I am creating this blog to share information about the Antelope Valley of California with you. I have added some links to this blog already. Dealazon is an internet site with all kinds of good deals. We may need to get some things off that site for our apartment. AV-Today is a website I found today about the antelope vally and the other link there is about the state parks in the area we will explore. I hope to share all kinds of information about the area that woud be helpful to other people new to the area, tourist, or just anyone wanting to learn more about the area.

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